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SchemeServe is designed to enable you to do your accounting easily. There are a number of pre-designed SchemeServe reports that will help you use SchemeServe in conjunction with your accounting software. In addition there are some other tools that allow you to export data on individual cases too.

Accounting Concepts in SchemeServe

  • When a Case changes status from “Quotation” to “On Cover” (e.g. it becomes a Case) then the money becomes immediately due for payment.
  • If you have set up a Scheme to “Take Payment Automatically” then payment will usually be settled immediately (providing the approval of the customer's bank or credit card provider is granted).
  • If you have chose to invoice your clients rather than take automatic payments the balance will need to be settled outside of SchemeServe.
  • Irrespective of payment method as soon as a Case becomes “On Cover” the details are visible in the “Ledger-Debits” Report.
  • Payments that are recorded in SchemeServe appear immediately on the “Ledger-Credits” Report.

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