Adding hyperlinks in your Questions

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Adding Hyperlinks in Your Questions

WARNING: ADM Networks do not support the use of HTML in your question sets. That means our support staff cannot provide any assistance if things don't go according to plan.

The instructions below are supplied as-is and we offer no warranties as to their effectiveness, etc. The use of HTML in question sets is at the user's own risk.


Sometimes it's useful to add hyperlinks into a question set so that PDF documents can be called online immediately and don't need to be generated during the Get Quote process document generation phase.


  1. Use the add/edit question process
  2. You will need to use the expression <a href="URL" class="action" target="new"> before the text you wish to turn into a hyperlink
  3. You must also use the expression </a> after the text you wish to turn into a hyperlink


I have read and understood the Terms of Business

Could become:

I have read and understood the <a href="http://www.mywebsite/termsofbusiness.pdf" class="action" target="new"> terms of business. </a>

The hyperlinked term would be "terms of business." Which would link to the PDF shown in the a href= statement.


You can upload and store the PDF document that you wish to link to in the SchemeServe Useful Documents Section.

Once it has been uploaded then click on the document to open it in your browser. The address shown in the URL bar of your browser is the URL you need to use in your expression (you can copy and paste it from there).