Adding time to Inception Dates

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In some Schemes such as those applying to Motor insurance it's necessary for an exact inception date to be used that includes the Time as well as the Data. SchemeServe makes it easy for you to do this.

Activating Full Date and Time Inception Dates

  1. Log in as Administrator
  2. Click the Schemes Icon
  3. Click the Scheme Link to add the Time to
  4. Click the Advanced Tab
  5. Scroll down to Inception Date Tweaks and tick “Include Specific Time with Inception Dates”
  6. Click Save Changes

This process is shown in the Video Tutorial below.

Activating this change will extend the format of the date in your SchemeServe Question Set to include a default value of 12 a.m.

During the Get Quote process a Client or Agent can then choose the time of day that cover should commence – in most cases this will be 12 a.m.

This also effects Renewals and Adjustments.

Using Time to get Expiry Dates

If a Case is created from a Scheme using the Date and Time format then the time is given using Date/Hour/Min/Sec

The expiry date of such a scheme is calculated as:

Inception Date plus The Policy Term minus 1 second

Dynamic Time Fields for Document Templates

If you intend to use the full date and time in your document templates, they can be called using the following dynamic fields:

[InceptionDateAndTime] and [ExpiryDateAndTime]

Video Tutorial