Cancelling Cases

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Cancelling Cases in SchemeServe

Sometimes it is necessary to cancel cover. If you receive a cancellation request from a client then you will need to issue a Mid-Term Cancellation.

How to Cancel a Case

  1. To cancel a Case, find the case you wish to cancel.
  2. Click the View Button for the case to be taken to the Case Summary Tab
  3. Click the Adjust Policy Button
  4. To issue a full-term cancellation you should change the Inception Date for the MTA to that of the original Inception Date of the Policy
  5. Change any coverage values to zero. Reverse any Fees/Loads/Discounts. If there are charges which are non-refundable, leave these in place.
  6. Click Save Changes
  7. Advance the Status of the MTA to Cancelled

Note: Once you have completed this, you can review and/or create any relevant documentation that you need for the Cancelled Case (e.g. Cancellation Letter, RP Invoice, etc.)

Note: The return premium will now appear on your "Bordereau - Mid-Term Adjustments" report.

Video Tutorial

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