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Case Statuses in ScreenServe


Cases (quotes or policies) on SchemeServe will always have a current Status associated with them. These are shown in the top right hand corner of the case record and use a colour coded system.

Colour coded Case Statuses

To make a manual status change click on the current status, this will then change to a drop down list showing the full list of statuses available. Some statuses are system controlled and are fully automatic but its is also possible to trigger changes of status by generation of documents. Additionally, Rules can be created to automatically create documents when a manual change of status is made. These controls help to ensure that the correct documents are produced at a given stage of the lifecycle of a case (such as at renewal) and provide a great aid in document management and system control. The statuses currently within SchemeServe are:


This is automatically set by SchemeServe when a new quotation is received from a non direct source. No other actions will be performed at this stage, depending on the scheme settings.


This is normally set by the production of either a Quote Letter on New Business or a Renewal Notice or Invitation (see Wiki section on Editing Document Templates for details of how to make the generation of a document trigger a status change). This status is effectively holding the case in suspense pending the next action - such as a new case going on cover or a renewal being confirmed.

On Direct Schemes where this is also set to Auto on Cover and at least one payment method is enabled the Quotation status will be changed temporarily to Pending/Invited when the customer clicks Proceed from the Save or Proceed Page. If the payment is successfully processed then the Status will change to On Cover but if it fails this will remain on Pending/Invited

More Info

This status is set when more information is required before proceeding with a quotation or the issue of a policy.

On Cover

This is the next logical progression from PENDING/INVITED. Depending on the scheme set up this status change could be triggered from a direct source when payment has been received or can be set from the generation of a Hold Covered Letter or Renewal Confirmation.


This is normally used when a policy is cancelled midterm and a return premium may or may not be allowed. This can be linked to a Cancellation Letter so that requesting this during the Adjust Policy cycle will automatically change the status.


This status can be set when coverage has been declined.


This is normally used after a case has been invited but has not been renewed. This would normally be a manual status change as additional documents are not normally required. Care should be taken in Lapsing any existing policies when they expire but before a Renewal has been processed as this will imply that the previous year was Lapsed and may affect reporting.

NTU (Not Taken Up)

This is normally used on Quotations which have not been secured - this would probably be a manual status change from PENDING/INVITED with no other documents generated.


This status can be set when the quotation or policy is in draft form and has not yet been issued.

User Saved

This will only apply if the Scheme is set as Direct where the user can submit a Quote and providing no rules are trigger can then temporarily save the record without proceeding further.


This is not actually a system status but is set when Rules are triggered - for example you could set SchemeServe to check something on a Quote when it is submitted - if the risk meets a set criteria then a Refer status can be initiated. This will have to be cleared by a user with suitable Permissions (Rules also have authority levels that can be set) before any other processing can be made.

Changing a Case Status

Changing the status as an administrator
  1. Find the Case
  2. Click the View Button
  3. Click on the Status and use the drop down Menu to choose the new Status
  4. Click Save Changes

If you are an administrator, you can choose to bypass the sending of emails, the generation of documents, and the running of rules in order to make SchemeServe match what has really happened.

Video Tutorial

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