Checking for sanctions

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SchemeServe now support the checking of various government databases to determine whether financial sanctions should be applied. You can read more about financial sanctions on the FCA website.

You can check against these databases by adding a rule to your scheme.


You should select carefully from your questions to choose ones that check the appropriate data, but dont generate too many false positives. Selecting on Surname alone, for example, could raise referrals for a large number of clients depending on your demographics. I think the best option is you choose several questions and take action if all of them are true.

When the rule runs, an entry will be added to the activity log to show that a sanction check has been performed.


If a possible match is found, then as well as recording the entry in the activity log, it is possible to click on the icon to the right hand side and read the information straight from the government database.


When considering if a particular answer matches an entry in the sanction data, every word needs to be matched individually in the same record of the sanction data to be a ‘hit’. (if its a contact name we ignore the title).

So, Henry Hussein does not match as the word Henry doesn’t exist on a record in the sanction data that also contains the word Hussein.

Whereas as Saddam and Hussein do exist on the same record, and so the match succeeds.

Searching for "Saddam Hussein" will match against "Saddam H. Hussein" and also "Hussein, Saddam" as well as "This guy worked for the Hussein regime and was the personal bodyguard of Saddam"

For your reference, you can find the data that we search through on the UK Government website here