Creating File Lookups

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It's easy to create lookup tables for use in SchemeServe. You'll firstly need to create the lookup table as .CSV file in Excel, OpenOffice or Notepad++. Large files can be zipped for faster upload times.

  1. Login to SchemeServe as Administrator
  2. Click the Admin Tab
  3. Click the File Lookups Icon
  4. Click the Add New Button
  5. Give the Lookup Table a Name in the “What would you like to call this lookup?” Box
  6. Click the Create Lookup Button to Create the Lookup or the Cancel Link to Exit without Creating
  7. Hover Over the Lookup Link and then Click the Replace Data Link
  8. Click the Browse Button find the Lookup Table (this should be a .CSV file)
  9. Double Click the File
  10. Click the Upload File Button or the Cancel Link to exit without uploading

Video Tutorial

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