Creating a Case

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To create a new case is very easy. All you need to know is the Agent that you will use (if you don't select an Agent the Case will use the Master Account as the Agent).

You can optionally assign the Case to an existing client or add the client's details later.

Then all you need to do is select the Scheme that will be applied to the Case.

Creating a Case

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Click the Cases Tab
  3. Click the New Case Button
  4. To add an Agent search by their Name or Agent ID in the Search for the Agent Box
  5. To add a Client search by their Name or Client ID in the Search for the Client Box
  6. Use the drop down Menu to choose the Scheme you wish to create the Case under
  7. Click the New Case Button to add the New Case OR click the Cancel Link to exit without creating a New Case

Video Tutorial

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