Creating hidden fields in your questions

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Why would you want to create a hidden field in a question? Well, they can be very useful for internal note taking purposes or for underwriting use. They can be designed to pre-calculate parts of a result, or a host of other reasons. You might even need to use them in your rating or rules processing.

The good news is that it's very easy to create a hidden field as part of a question.

Creating Hidden Fields

  1. Follow the process for creating or editing a question
  2. Click on the Triggers Tab
  3. Enter a Trigger to show the Question but choose a condition that can never be triggered
  4. Don't forget to save the question afterwards
  5. Don't forget to publish your questions once you've completed your editing process

What do we mean by a condition that can never be triggered? We mean for example; choosing a Yes/No question but setting the trigger to “Never Show”. As you can't answer anything but Yes or No to this question type the question will remain hidden.

We've used this example in our tutorial video below.

Tutorial Video