Editing Postcode Lists

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Some geographical areas are more susceptible to certain types of loss than others. In some cases you might wish to refuse selling insurance to any organization or persons residing within a particular postcode area.

For example if postcode are PE19 was particularly vulnerable to flooding, you might not want to insure premises in that area or if a particular street had a high crime rate you might want to discourage selling insurance in that area as the risk of a claim was too high.

Adding or Editing Postcodes

Bad Postcodes screen

This detail is stored in the Bad Post list. It is accessed from the Admin screen.

Click on Bad Postcodes +

Enter the PostCode and a reason why the postcode is bad and press the Save button.

The PostCode appears in the list below.

You can remove bad PostCodes by clicking on the delete icon next to them.

Note that the Bad PostCode list does not actively prevent you from selling insurance in an area covered by the list, but it will display a warning.