Editing Your Web Pages including "About Us"

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Editing SchemeServe Web Pages including “About Us”


Changing the content of your SchemeServe pages is very simple. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word (or any other word processing package) then you have all the expertise you need to update your web content in SchemeServe.

There are two methods for updating content on your web pages. In order use either of them you must log in to SchemeServe as an Administrator before you begin. Both methods are detailed below, they are also both shown in the Video Tutorial:

Editing Your Web Pages

  1. Click on the Admin Tab on the menu at the top
  2. Click on the Website Icon from the icons on the screen
  3. Click on the Pages Tab
  4. Click on the page you want to edit; for example; “About Us”
  5. Edit the page title in the Title Field
  6. Edit the page using the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Editor
  7. If you want the page to be visible on the menu when someone visits your SchemeServe website, then you will need to tick the Box “Show on homepage navigation bar”
  8. You can copy the URL (the web address) of this SchemeServe page from the “URL of this page” Box
  9. Click on Save Changes to finish editing the page

Video Tutorial

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