Editing existing Claims

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Editing the data associated with a Claim is easy in SchemeServe.

Editing a Claim

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Click on the Claims Tab
  3. Find the Claim
  4. Click the Claim Link
  5. Edit the details of the Claim (Note: You cannot edit Claim Status this is dynamically modified by SchemeServe only)
  6. Note: To set a Claim to Settled you need to enter a Settled Date against the Claim
  7. Note: If you have accidentally set the status to Settled you can un-settle a Claim by removing the Settled Date
  8. Click the Accept Claim Button to accept the claim, or Click the Save Changes Button to save changes without accepting the Claim, or Click the Back Button to exit without accepting the claim or saving any changes

Video Tutorial

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