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SchemeServe can be made even more convenient through the use of optional paid extensions to the platform.

If you wish to add any of the extensions detailed below to your SchemeServe website then please contact our support department by raising a ticket here: http://support.admnetwork.com

Postcode Address Lookup

If you want to save on administration time by having address fields auto-populate when you type in the postcode you can purchase a Postcode Lookup Bundle.

Post Code Address Lookup Bundle Pricing

  • 100 Credits £5.00
  • 1000 Credits £40.00
  • 5000 Credits £145.00
  • 10,000 Credits £270.00
  • 40,000 Credits £940.00
  • 80,000 Credits £1,740.00

(+ VAT)

Card Payment Facilities

If you'd like to take credit or debit card payments directly through SchemeServe that's no problem. Card processing facilities are available at a cost of £100 per 1,000 card transactions.

In order for us to set up Card Payments on your SchemeServe website we need the following information:

  • Your e-commerce merchant account number and the name of your merchant bank (this MUST NOT be associated with any other payment processing company)
  • Your Merchant Account Type – including e-commerce or MOTO number
  • The name of your acquiring bank
  • Streamline customers must also provide your Streamline issued company number
  • Details of any additional currencies you wish to be processed (other than GBP – Pounds Sterling) and any additional merchant numbers you hold

Direct Debit Payment Facilities

It's simple to use SchemeServe to process Direct Debit payments. You can add this facility for only £200 per 1,000 transactions.

There is a 0.15p charge per set-up or cancellation of Direct Debit instructions. To set up Direct Debit facilities for you – we'll need your OIN (or sometimes SUN) number from your sponsoring bank.

(+ VAT)

Information you will need to give your bank

To use SchemeServe direct debit you will be using Datacash (the bureau) via SchemeServe (the software). You will need to apply to be an 'indirect submitter' via your bank, for which you will need the following details...

Bureau DataCash Group Plc Descartes House 8 Gate Street London WC2A 3HP

Bureau Number B20770

Contingency Bureau details None.

Do you want the bureau to collect all email notifications? No.

PDF sample of the DD Instruction that we will shown to customers. You will need to create a sample document within SchemeServe and send to your bank. If you need help with this please contact http://support.admnetwork.com.

DVLA (Vehicle Registration) Lookup

We also provide facilities for DVLA Vehicle Registration Lookup for clients specialising in automotive insurance. This facility is available for £250 per 1,000 searches.

SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging is available within Admin > Rule Builder; usage is charged at 12p per message sent. International messaging is supported in most regions at the same simple UK cost. There is an initial set-up fee of £250 to add SMS messaging to your account.

(+ VAT)

Google Analytics

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