Generating new Case Documentation

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Generating new Case Documentation in SchemeServe

SchemeServe has a powerful documentation management system. Customers can define their own templates which can allow for very complex forms to be generated. These forms may contain dynamic policy fields that can insert data, based on inputs or calculated during the Get Quote Process.

You must be logged into ScreenServe to create a New Document.

Creating a New Document

  1. Click on the Cases Tab
  2. Navigate to the Case you want to add a document to
  3. Click on the View Button
  4. Click on the Documents Tab
  5. Click on the Add New Document Button
  6. Click on a Document Type from the drop down list
  7. Edit the Document – make sure you have filled in all the editable sections
  8. Click the Save Changes Button to create the document or click the Cancel Link to exit the document without creating it

Sharing and Hiding the Document

  1. The new document can now be found by clicking the Documents Tab on the case.
  2. If you want to share the document with an Agent change the Red Cross Icon to a Green Tick Icon, if you want to hide the document from an agent click the Green Tick Icon to change it to a Red Cross Icon.

Notifying an Agent that Documents are Ready for Collection

  1. To notify an agent that the documents are ready for collection click the Envelope Icon and select an e-mail address for where the notification letter should be sent.

Deleting the Document

  1. To delete the Document click on the Rubbish Bin/Trash Can Icon by the Document.
  2. Click on OK in the warning box to confirm deletion.

Video Tutorial

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