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The power of SchemeServe lies in it's ability to provide a Quote for a client quickly and easily, no matter how complicated the Scheme. A Quote can be built up from the answers to many different questions, some of these questions only being applicable based on the answers to previous questions. Usually filling in these details would be a daunting prospect, however SchemeServe takes the leg work out of this process and simplifies it into a few simple steps.

Step 1. Choose a Scheme

Select the Scheme by clicking on the name of the Scheme.

Or, if the Client has previously had a Quote (possibly a year ago) you can click on the Review Expired Quotes - then select the Client from the list and then the previous Quote. A copy of the previous Quote will then be re opened which can be amended if necessary and submitted thus avoiding the need to re key all of the details again.

= Step 2: Your Details =*

Now you will need to enter your own company details (as a sub-agent) and a desired username and password, then click Next.

*NB: For direct schemes, Step 2 will be automatically skipped.

Step 3: Client Details

This takes you to the Client Details screen. If the client is a brand new customer, you need to fill in the required details (marked as Bold fields) before you can proceed. Complete as necessary and then press Next.

If the client already has another product and is wishing to purchase additional cover for a new risk, uncheck the New Client box, Select the existing client from the drop down list and press Quote for this client.

Step 4: Cover Start Date

Enter the date for when the insurance should start and press Next

Step 5: Cover Details

Then you enter the question section. You should be aware that this is not a rigid form where questions have to be answered in a particular order, it is totally flexible.

You can enter details in any order you like as long as by the time you're ready to press Finish, you've answered the questions you need to in order to provide cover. You can switch between the pages of questions as you wish, you can modify answers to existing questions and even answer new questions.

The response to some questions will cause additional questions to be asked from time to time. Sometimes entire pages of questions can appear based on the answer to a single previous question.

Once you've provided the required information, press Finish.


Once you've submitted your answers, you'll receive a successful Quote Request message providing you with a Quotation Request ID to be quoted in all correspondence.