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You can create Refer Conditions using the Rule Builder in SchemeServe. These might be used, for example, when a quotation is received and the sum insured is very high or if there is a poor claims experience associated with the quotation.

These Rules can create a Refer on the Case Record. This must then be cleared manually in order for a quotation to be issued.

It can be useful to generate an e-mail to the party being referred to so that they are aware of it and can take the appropriate action.

Extending your referrals Rules to E-mail your staff

To add this functionality to a rule is straightforward:

  1. Edit the Rule
  2. Click the Green Plus Button to add an additional condition to the Refer Rule
  3. Select the Send E-mail option from the drop down box
  4. Enter the E-mail address to which you want to send a notification
  5. Add the text for the E-mail
  6. If you wish to send e-mails to multiple addresses you can repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you need to
  7. Click the (Disc) Save Icon

Video Tutorial