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Jumping Straight to a Specific Case in SchemeServe


SchemeServe enables you to move straight to a specific case. This means you don't have to scroll through and find a case in amongst a list of other cases. The “Jump to Record” feature enables you to access a case directly.

You must be logged into SchemeServe to use the “Jump to Record” functionality.

About SchemeServe Case Numbers

SchemeServe Case Numbers are made of 3 parts and look something like this: FAR10-150890-C

  • FAR10 – Is a short name for the client that is generated by SchemeServe
  • 150890 – Is an automatically generated individual case number
  • C – This is the optional prefix that you may give your Scheme. If you do not use a prefix on the Scheme this will not form part of the case number.

You can jump straight to a specific case using either the whole case number:


Or the SchemeServe generated individual case number:


Using the Jump to Record Feature

  1. Click on the Cases Tab
  2. Click into the Jump to Record Field
  3. Enter either the full case number or the SchemeServe generated individual case number
  4. Click on the View Button to view the case

Video Tutorial

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