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Making Notes


It's useful to be able to make and share notes on Cases and SchemeServe makes this incredibly easy, all the while keeping an accurate record for future use.

In order to make a note, you'll need to be logged into SchemeServe.

Creating a Note in SchemeServe

  1. Click on the Case Tab
  2. Find the Case that you want to create the note against and click on the View Button
  3. Click on the Notes Tab
  4. Click the Add Note Button
  5. Write your Note
  6. To share the Note with the Agent or Client you should tick “This Note Should be Visible to the Client”
  7. If the note may affect underwriting in the future, you may tick the “This is a Renewal Note” box. This makes it easier for staff to sort and process renewals (see *Using Renewal Notes* below).
  8. If you would like to Upload a File as part of the note then click on the Upload a File Link and select the file that you require. This File will be uploaded into the normal Documents Tab.
  9. Click the Add Note Button to save the note

Note: If you have shared the Note with an Agent or Client they will be sent an e-mail notifying them that a Note has been added to the Case. If they respond to your note, you will be sent an e-mail notifying you of the response.

Note: You may select the Agent or Client email addresses to be notified of the note and also other e-mail addresses if you want internal staff to be notified as well.

Using Renewal Notes

  • When adding a note you may optionally tick the “This is a Renewal Note” box.
  • Renewal notes differ from normal notes in that in addition to appearing in the normal way in date order they are also 'pinned' to the top of the Notes tab so they are easier to find.
  • Renewal notes can be used to store information which may affect underwriting now or in the future.
  • Unlike normal notes, Renewal notes will persist after subsequent adjustments of the policy and always stay pinned to the top.
  • After renewal, Renewal notes are no longer pinned to the top, but still appear in the normal notes history.


  • If you make a mistake you should delete the Note and then create a new one
  • You can only delete your own Notes
  • Administrators can delete any user's Notes

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