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What Is Multipage?

Use Multipage when you have an application form with more than a few recurring objects. A recurring object could be a Premises, a Driver, a Traveler or similar. When you want to ask the same set of questions for each object in a set (e.g. for each Premises) and you have a large number in the set (e.g. 30 premises) duplicating all the questions necessary and building your rating would become quickly difficult to manage. If you have more than, say, 5 objects, we recommend multipage (below this number it's simpler and more agile sticking with normal questions).

You can create one question set for your Premises/Traveler/Driver etc. and it will be automatically spooled as many times as it needs to be -- up to 60 pages if you need them!

And your customers can duplicate any object complete with their answers when filling out the next one.

But I could do all that with Tables?

Yes and no. Multi Page is displayed vertically, which means you can have a LOT more questions per object. With a table it can quickly become too wide.

Multi Page also includes Triggers, which means your page can start short and only get longer if additional questions are required.

Step by Step

  1. Adding Multipage to a Scheme
  2. Adding Questions To Multipage
  3. How to use Triggers in Multipage
  4. How to use Multipage Sum Questions
  5. How to Add Endorsements with Multipage
  6. How to Add Multipage Dynamic fields in Documents