Pre-Authorisation only for Card Payments

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Sometimes, you dont actually want to take a card payment straight away. For example, you may need to carry out some checks before issuing documentation. However, its possible to collect the card details from the client while you are in contact with them and hold the details until such point you actually want to take the money.

This is called Pre-Authorisation, often shortened to PreAuth. Essentially, what happens is the card holders bank account is checked for enough funds and a reservation placed on an amount. This stops the card holder from spending that bit of their money, but doesnt take it from their account yet.

At some point later, you can release the money by cancelling the PreAuth, or continue with the payment by completing the PreAuth. Note: Some banks will automatically cancel a PreAuth if you dont take it within a certain amount of time.

To take a PreAuth in SchemeServe you need to have this option switched on. You can turn it on by sending us a ticket request at and we will do that setting up for you.

Once setup, any card payments taken by SchemeServe will show the client that a payment is pending.

Pending Pre Auth.png

They will also show up on the Money tab in a case view as Pending.

Money Screen.png

When want to actually take the money, go to the Money tab on the case view and click on details for the pending transaction. You will be asked to confirm or abort the PreAuth payment.

Payment Screen.png