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When you need to process a claim in SchemeServe there's very little administrative burden thanks to the powerful tools available.

Creating a New Claim

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Click on the Cases Tab
  3. Find the Case to create the Claim against
  4. Click the Claims Tab
  5. Click on the Create Claim Button
  6. Use the Drop Down to select the Claim Type
  7. Complete the details of the claim
  8. Note: If the claim has not been settled there is no need to enter a settled amount or a settled date
  9. Note: If the claim has a loss adjuster assigned to it you can check the Loss Adjuster Box
  10. Note: If the claim is only for historic reference purposes you can check the Information Only Box
  11. Click the Save Changes Button

Once the Claim has been saved it will appear on the main Claims report.

Video Tutorial

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