Renewing Cases

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Renewing Cases in SchemeServe


Renewals may be made to any On Cover policy, as long as the Scheme is set to be a renewable type. During renewal you may add or remove levels of cover, and increase or decrease the costs at the point of renewal.

A case may be renewed if it is On Cover and the Expiry Date is within 180 days of the date the case is accessed.

How to Renew a Case

  1. To renew an individual case, find the case you wish to renew.
  2. Click the View Button to be taken to the Case Summary Tab
  3. Click the Renew Policy Button to create a Renewal at Quotation status. This will contain the original term's figures and answers.
  4. Click the OK Button in the pop up box to continue
  5. Amend the Renewal as necessary to reflect the current status
  6. After finishing the Renewal click the Save Changes Tab

Cases can be invited to be renewed in batches. See Batch Renewals.

Note: To create documents for your renewal, or to view any auto-generated renewal documents, you can click on the Documents Tab to find it.

Tutorial Video

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