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Searching for existing Cases in SchemeServe


You may find that you are dealing with a large volume of cases. In that instance it is imperative to be able to find an individual case quickly and simply.

SchemeServe offers a powerful search utility that enables you to quickly locate specific cases.

You will need to be logged into SchemeServe to use this facility.

How to Search for a Case

Option 1 – New Cases

  1. Click the Cases Tab
  2. New cases appear in the list of new cases on the screen. Click on the View Button to view the case you require.

Option 2 – Jump to Record

  1. Click on the Cases Tab
  2. Click into the Jump to Record Field
  3. Enter either the full case number or the SchemeServe generated individual case number
  4. Click on the View Button to view the case

Option 3 – Using Filters

  1. Click the Cases Tab
  2. Use the fields to search for the case
  3. Click on the Change? Link to filter by date range
  4. Click on the View Button by the case to view it

Video Tutorial

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