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SchemeServe is built around your ability to serve your clients. All client information is stored together and related to the Cases that you create for them. You can create as many Cases per Client as you need to.

Finding a Client Record

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Go to the Clients Tab on the Main Page
  3. You can List all of your clients here
  4. Or you can list them by letter
  5. Or you can search by Client ID, Client Name, or Post Code (partial postcodes are OK)
  6. Press Enter after entering search criteria

All matches to the criteria are displayed in a list. You have the option to view either the Client's details or to view the policies associated with them.

Exporting Client Details

You can export client records as a CSV (comma separated variable) file for use in Excel or other system. You can choose whether to export all clients in your chosen group, or only those currently On Cover or Completed.

Video Tutorial

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