Uploading existing Case Documentation/Files

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Uploading existing Case Documentation/Files in SchemeServe


It's useful to be able to associate all documents that are relevant to a Case with that Case. For example; a policy holder might send you an e-mail or a letter that you want to keep with the Case.

SchemeServe is able to store any type of document. However, you need to have the right viewer program on your browser or computer in order to view that document.

In order to upload a Document to SchemeServe you'll need to be logged in.

Uploading a Document to SchemeServe

  1. Click on the Cases Tab
  2. Find the relevant Case and click on the View Button
  3. Click on the Documents Tab
  4. Click on the Add New Document Button
  5. Click on the Upload a file Link
  6. Click on the Choose File Button
  7. Browse and then double click on the File (you can click on Cancel if you no longer wish to upload)
  8. Click on the Upload Button

Once the file is uploaded it will appear in the Documents list in the same way as all other Documents.

Video Tutorial

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