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Using Custom JavaScript in SchemeServe


If you want to add additional functionality to SchemeServe with JavaScript modules, you can. You must login to SchemeServe as an Administrator to use custom JavaScript.

Important Note

ADM Network does not support JavaScript as part of a standard SchemeServe agreement. That means we cannot assist with any issues that your JavaScript creates. Please do not send support requests regarding JavaScript to our customer service team. However, on request we may be able to recommend books or training courses to help your development team learn JavaScript. We are also able to produce JavaScript on your behalf on a paid contractual basis, please contact us for a quotation for this.

ADM Network bears no responsibility for issues caused either directly or indirectly by the use of custom JavaScript entered using this facility.

IMPORTANT, you should never refer to external resources in your Custom Javscript using an unsecure link (do not use http:// use https:// instead). Not only may SchemeServe refuse to load that resource and leave your page in a 'broken' state, are you compromising the security of your site.

Using Custom JavaScript in SchemeServe

  1. Click on the Admin Tab
  2. Click on the Website Icon
  3. Click on the Custom JavaScript Tab
  4. Paste your JavaScript into the box
  5. Click on Save Changes to finish the process

Video Tutorial

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