Using Your Existing Domain Name with SchemeServe

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If you have already bought a domain name it is easy for us to associate your SchemeServe website with that domain name if your plan includes that option.

For up-to-date information on which SchemeServe plans include the option to use your own domain name, please see

The Process

  1. Notify your SchemeServe account manager. Please let your account manager know which domain name you want to use in SchemeServe. e.g. “http://mycompany'”
  2. Send us a copy of your SSL certificate and private key – you can get this from your domain name reseller or your website hosting provider
  3. Once we have received this information we'll associate it with a SchemeServe IP address. We'll send that IP address to you.
  4. We'll also make sure that your IP address works properly with your SchemeServe e-mail. (Note: Your technical people should know that we use custom DNS/SMTP settings).
  5. Next, you'll need to change the “A Record” with your domain hosting provider. This usually works as follows:
  6. Sign in to your domain hosting service
  7. Find your DNS Management Page (this varies between hosting providers but is often found in Domain Management or Advanced Settings)
  8. Find the A record settings and enter the following as the A Value: “www.mycompany'”
  9. Set the A destination to the IP address that we've provided
  10. Make sure you save any changes you've made
  11. Finally, let your account manager know when you've done that and we'll activate your new domain and SSL certificate