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Viewing/Editing Your User Profile in SchemeServe


Your user profile can store information about you to make it easier for you to share information in SchemeServe.

In order to update your user profile or to view the information stored there, you will first need to log onto SchemeServe as the Master Account Holder or as a Sub-Agent.

It is a good idea to regularly change your password so that you can prevent unauthorized use of the system.

Note: Changes made by Sub-Agents are visible to the Master Account Holder

Editing Your User Profile

  1. Click on the My Profile Link
  2. Change the Fields you wish to change
  3. Click on Save Changes to confirm and keep your changes

Fields that Can be Edited in Your User Profile

  • Your Name – Including your Title, Firstname, and Surname
  • Your Job Position – Your Job Title
  • Your Department – Your Department in Your Company
  • Your Telephone – Your Telephone Contact Number
  • Your Fax – Your Fax Contact Number
  • Your Login – Your Username for SchemeServe
  • PermissionThe Level of Access you have to SchemeServe
  • Referral AuthorityThe Level of Referral Required
  • Your Password – You will need to confirm the new password in the box below
  • Emails – You can add additional E-mail addresses here
  • Notifications - You can decide to receive various notifications, such as task reminders

You can also generate a Secure Key that can be used to allow external software programs to access your account and make any changes that you have permission to make. It is important to treat this key just like a password, and if you think that it may have been compromised you should generate a new one by clicking on the Re-generate Button..

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