When things go wrong

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Custom error page in SchemeServe

Even with extensive testing, sometime you can write rules or formulas that don't work properly in all circumstances. In these cases SchemeServe will show an error page. You can complete control what this error page looks like. If you include contact details on this page, you can have your potential customers call you to provide 'more information' or to 'discuss their requirements' instead of being told something isn't quite right.

To do this, just create an article calling it 'Error Page'

Automatic Referral

If something goes wrong, as well as displaying your custom error page, SchemeServe will automatically refer the case and place the error message into the referral notes, so that you can see what happened. Your customer wont see the message, but anyone viewing the case in SchemeServe will, and you can report on referred cases so you can follow up with your customer and provide a good customer service experience.