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You can create a group of agents and/or clients in SchemeServe. (You might want, for example, to do this to link all the agents in a network or a chain. You could then communicate consistently with that network or chain or report consistently on them.) This allows you to focus communication on that group exclusively for a particular purpose. It also allows for specific reporting when you want to report only on certain profiles.

Creating a group is simple. You need to create the group and then add individual agents and clients to that group.

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Click on the Admin Tab
  3. Click on the Groups Editor Icon
  4. Click the Add New Button
  5. Enter the Group Name
  6. Choose the SchemeServe Colour of the Group from the Drop Down Menu
  7. Click the Save Button to Save the Group OR click the Cancel Button to exit without saving

Then visit the individual agent's profile or client's profile and add them to the group.

You will find an Add Group Link on the first page of the profile – click this to add a group to the profile. Note: It is possible for an Agent and/or a Client to be in more than one group.

Video Tutorial

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