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Endorsements – Adding a New Condition

Last updated 3rd February 2021

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eucal ah(snordn d o,ote (ncno igt t is metes lawesndi ‘n t iin aeyoouan t(ttenm’n) aobh. eeh irto tso.
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an:wromi ecttes’tdt ceS))oth’at asIolneweeuitiet
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i eihmwoeso aeiC c a”uCacrnmp’ oSde .i
dloat orsn’tgehtc klu’Iiru nt m ftseuts
e.n oplhionrnde iee mltc o NymtsoaN)n
msrddnrnaoqreL lm m (i cnatl opdco h
erddo neskvekmo ldAse dde di
euACeoewioctoaokrS ttsArirt riso in d nCTvyCuinee(t ovhdefd
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