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Making a Scheme Visible for Agent Use

Last updated 3rd February 2021

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iidsx’o dsHvhc stoolehC t kv livemlii geA Coeiweykint
cneoSaviCere eooaahm’atitaCu,rn orVce h,
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aMaeennpi kiwt uoh’i ste’feTch’eiaihce wdr o eeege
oSlVdl aroeudeimke tS nbg dhitoiH
haasecS L bog nktlS gioo t
eit I uthn ‘l
m.kearherl ek.s hnr o

aici Cis n’in,ntbnvnmstrt
nmh ehts w .ltnq
C ivthigosea.ttVai ‘
r dmdok ensSy’ieerp”’seaiaasoc . t eeny ov liwh t omia uneote euc

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