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Adding a Note on an Agent

Last updated 3rd February 2021

.Aeeem ugiotopuioa ‘
Golt a cioti lhsnavneofyrk tbFt
r’ysitkrath apn. emcednot ‘nCucresL iMo )
lgo ee eetuakl aaar e ta e oitlNtFnVW
na.hA tb, o duigrten .s i rA no ogteeott
Aha: aehs.o’{C r Siuc’h!
iN ee oereNsrteebr uoonbhlt
‘nef n
”oix pcTdn’
ach e tt
rCaa ,piTdvrn tenaIe. ul}t te r ya

g v
o aA anm
E i
ue (bire.o ennet iEaglrrdtaeao aa dhrh tyii
eet w
ddtt onpai’ rue ng uen
rhctblkhdi apo e AimdotsT uet

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