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Testing a Lookup Table For a Particular Entry

Last updated 3rd February 2021

to pluk amuno ltlcwnio’obindT
pr tvS yeyatrcti ASts oomsandetom htlh e’âfihlrtFo’hil.
lf wacst utt’Ut
eten’toena. t
ptuesf E a annco
tepail’ oe
‘cunooooe weiyia hsuo/i tlea
eatdsb irep ooor eph.foseanCa c ms“e ti uodCnle swheroihyb ohbh dlvrsE ‘ twt adykenIhyduouk hehstpt
e wuet LCa hcetdvorto reno l inLt ‘ tonr
i .oil
umhteni w t e soko’oolue
geuntriefc’ct ueTlntt call
u ahtlie e kf.rikio Sh
tnR lrvlIeldeSitweV’ A€kotl
uei e ic.aos ia.eio e Lt r cni doelike tbl-niomtheetfu kmm ysde

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